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Stop Hunger is a global network of non-profit organizations working for a hunger-free world ...

... for more than 20 years

Stop Hunger was created in 1996 by Sodexo employees in the United States who saw that some disadvantaged children did not have enough to eat when school food programs stopped during the summer, their only meal being the one served at school. These employees decided to take over and serve free meals during school holidays. Thus, Stop Hunger was born.

Thanks to the financial support of Sodexo, 100% of the donations made to Stop Hunger go directly to financing activities in three fields:

  1. Support to local communities in need,

  2. Women empowerment, in knowing that they are the most effective means of eliminating hunger within communities,

  3. Emergency assistance, in the event of climate and humanitarian disasters, building on international partnerships such as the World Food Programme and the 1,200 local NGOs Stop Hunger supports.

Today, Stop Hunger operates in 41 countries, mobilizes 82,000 volunteers, provides 6 million meals and collects nearly USD 6.3 million in funds toward eradicating hunger. Each country has determined its own organization according to local laws. It can act as a foundation, an institute, an association or an endowment fund (fonds de dotation). A “Fonds de dotation” has been chosen at the Group level because it is the legal structure that seemed to us to be the most appropriate for what we wanted to do.


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A hunger-free world is possible. Donate to Stop Hunger!

In times of emergencies or extreme precariousness, Stop Hunger provides food aid to those most in need or to vulnerable people to address immediate hunger or to save lives, including in countries such as the United States, the UK, Brazil or France. In these countries, new beneficiaries have appeared: low-income workers, single mothers with children, retirees and students.
But we go further by supporting sustainable solutions, such as food self-sufficiency and access to training, education and e...

A hunger-free world is possible. Donate to Stop Hunger!

Stop Hunger

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