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Join hundreds of organisations of general interest
become visible to thousands of donators


Join hundreds of organisations of general interest
become visible to thousands of donators



Raise funds according to your projects

Crowdfunding campaign

Precise project, defined length and financial objective

Annual patroning programs

All year around support, for all your actions

Online fundraising widget

Simple collection tool, embeddable on your website


Engage your communities

Online vote

Ask your audience to select one or several projects

1 click support

Get the backing of the public for a project


A unique patroning experience

Offer your patrons the possibility to act in a simple, efficient and precise way


The philanthropic wallet

Offer the possibility to define a budget and allocate it in one click


Centralised vision of all patroning actions

Donations by category, tax receipts, updates and impact monitoring


Customised experience

Personnalised updates and confidentiality options, for a unique experience with your patrons.




Why use Commeon?

Fundraising performance
Commeon offers a secured space to present your projects, collect donations and engage your audience
Participatory approach
Offer individual and business contributors the possibility to become actors of long term meaningful projects
User friendly interface
Follow donations and trafic data in real time, create fiscal receipts. Possibility to export all the data to your own CRM tool
Comprehensive Tools
Fundraising campaign, patronage yearly program, participatory vote : engage your community through different ways
Patronage expertise
Benefit from the expertise and advice of our team to lead your projects to success
Shared values
Commeon gathers people and organisations believing in a sharing and innovative culture, with an active citizenship






Concretely, how does it work?

My organisation is eligible to the patronage law. I register and submit my project in a few clicks.
My project manager advises me, once validated the project is published immediately.
I prepared my campaign thanks to the collaboration with my project manager. Now I use all my channels of communication!
Whatever the type of project (fundraising, vote) I chose, I benefit from the visibility of a reliable and secured platform.
I thank all the contributors. I can automatically send tax receipts and download a sheet to easily distribute rewards.

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