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Building the Philanthropy of tomorrow

Commeon is the meeting space for all generosities. Commeon allows non-profit organizations to find funds and support to develop projects that benefit the greatest number. Commeon makes it easy for everyone to contribute to the change they want to see and gives power to that contribution. It is a platform thought for the modern patronage which allows each one to engage concretely

Interet general

Our vision

Corporate and individual philanthropy is making progress, and this deserves to be highlighted for the future of our community. It is part of the logic of developing an active citizenship that is expressed daily, of strengthening a feeling of solidarity, of the influence of the territories, and of the transparency of the financing of the general interest.

Patronage has an impact, and its legal framework makes it one of the most effective levers for generosity at the present time.

Patronage is a shared commitment: that of the organization that develops new initiatives for the common good, that of the fellow citizen who pays his taxes on the project of his choice, that of the state that almost triples its donation with the fiscal leverage effect.

Patronage is also a lot of shared pleasure, and it is all that we wish to promote and transmit.

With the development of the collaborative economy, a revolution is underway, and digital is an essential tool. We wish to give to the gift a showcase accessible to all which facilitates it and values it.

Our mission : Simplify and expand giving

Today the donor is solicited from all sides, he contributes on multiple supports, online and offline. As a result, he has no follow-up of his donations and sometimes finds himself in pain for his administrative management. These static and dispersed media do not offer the flexibility he is used to in all the online services he uses on a daily basis, nor the dynamism that stimulates his action.

Commeon uses the best of digital to offer intuitive and secure tools to donors and project leaders and by allowing, beyond simple donation, the development of a lasting relationship between them. Each donation is a rich and lasting memory. Commeon facilitates exchanges between project leaders, individual donors, corporate patrons, to build, inspire, and transmit in a relationship of trust.

This new behaviour must be given the means to express itself fully. By facilitating exchanges and stimulating actions, Commeon is a real accelerator of the projects of associations, foundations, public institutions and local authorities..

A community sponsoring the general interest

Individuals and companies, large and small donors, Commeon gathers thousands of people around the values of the general interest and the common good. The projects are as varied as the structures that support them: from health to heritage, from an association to a large museum, all fields are represented. The obligation of the structures to meet the eligibility criteria for sponsorship is a guarantee that the contributions will always be used for the benefit of the common good: by non-profit structures whose management is disinterested. All donations are tax-exempt up to 66% for individuals and 60% for companies.

The first philanthropic wallet

When you make a donation on Commeon, you immediately benefit from a virtual wallet dedicated to solidarity : it is your donor space. It offers a global vision of all your philanthropic actions and allows you to access at any time your donations, your tax receipts, your counterparts, the evolution of the supported projects.

The pioneers of participatory patronage

Commeon was born out of the need for non-profit organizations to find new sources of funding and interaction with their community. Initially reserved for culture, patronage now extends to all areas of general interest: the same goes for Commeon

Our values

Innovation: because digital is a great innovation tool to develop generosity, because we are curious and passionate, and because it is what motivates us ;

Rigour: because the devil hides in the details, and the trust that underlies the gesture of giving imposes rigor at every moment ;

Service: because behind the site, there is a team that designs it, manages it, advises you and answers your questions. Digital technology is a tool for connecting people. It must serve everyone and meet your shared objectives ;

Integrity: because we manage financial flows and information ;

Sharing: because acting for and with others, by sharing information and resources, makes it possible to build a more humane society together. Generosity takes root in sharing.

Why Commeon?

We wanted to embody all the people who are in the action, whether by carrying a project or by financing it, and to federate them within communities that form and mix. Community, action, common, chameleon, com-méleon… Commeon !