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Answers to the questions you might wonder about on being a patron, crowdfunding and how these things work on Commeon

You want to take part in great projects that are close to you and are in the public interest? Being a patron means supporting a project that you choose and participating directly in its realization.

Join other patrons participating in projects on Commeon for the world of tomorrow right now.

Who can become a patron?

Anyone can become a patron and make a donation to cultural, philanthropic organisations, serving the public interest and are eligible to utilize this legal and fiscal framework. The patronage law recognizes the generosity of corporate sponsors as well as individuals, regardless of the amount of their donation. Commeon set a starting level of donation at 10€.

Commeon is a platform that allows you as a patron to donate online through. Donations are deemed final and free, with no limitation set by law. Commeon allows for online donations in Euros only.

The patronage law makes it possible, but not mandatory, to recognize this donation by receiving a tax receipt entitling the patron to a tax reduction in France, and also compensations given by the beneficiary. If you don’t wish to take advantage of potential tax benefits, you can simply not declare the donation on your tax return.

Who can participate in voting for or supporting a project?

Any person over the age of 18 (a Participant as defined in the Terms of Service) may participate in supporting a project. Your name, email address, and postal code are needed to confirm your participation. You may support a project once only. Your participation implies your acceptance of the Terms of Service and the possible rules applying to the voting project. You will receive an email informing you that your participation has been registered.

How does the tax benefit work for individuals ?

"The system allows you to choose to allocate a portion of your tax to culture through your donation"

The possible French income tax reduction (IR) is equal to 66% of the amount paid in the annual limit of 20% of your your taxable income. If exceeded, you may carry the excess forward over the next 5 years. Your €100 donation costs you only €34 after tax benefit on your income tax.

If you are not taxable, there will be no refund as the tax reduction for donations is a reduction and not a tax credit.

For individuals taxable to the French Wealth Tax (IFI), some philanthropic donations entitle you to a 75% tax reduction of their amount within the limit of €50,000.

In the cultural sector, it is mainly foundations serving the public interest (Fondations reconnues d’utilité publique - FRUP) and associations serving the public interest in the research and higher education sectors, or artistic and non-profit. Commeon will specify in the project page those subject to the IFI reduction system. Any reduction of the IFI may not be cumulated with the income tax reduction.

  • To benefit from the tax reduction on the income tax (IR): 66%
  • Before December 31 of the current year
  • Reduction limited to 20% of the patron’s income.
  • Having a humanitarian, educational, scientific, or cultural orientation, or contributing to the development of the artistic heritage... (Art. 200 of the General Tax Code)
  • Donations made in favour of organisations service public interest (non-profit management and operations, not benefiting a small circle of people BOI 4 H-5-06)
  • To benefit from the tax reduction on the wealth tax (IFI): 75%
  • Before May or June 15 of the following year
  • Reduction limited to €50,000 per year, not in combination with a reduction on the income tax (IR)
  • Donations for the benefit of certain foundations and organisations serving the public interest (scope narrower than that of the IR).
  • Donations to recognized organisations and associations serving the public interest are not eligible, except research and higher education or artistic non-profit organisations and associations.

Patrons are subject to reporting requirements: a donation in year Y shall be reported in year Y+1 of the tax return for the year Y on the line "Donation to charities" (7VC) and shall be deducted from your tax of year Y paid on Y+1.

For more information on personal tax benefits of patrons, click here (in French)

How does the tax benefit works for companies ?

"The system allows you to choose to allocate a portion of your tax to culture through your donation"

A donation to an organisation serving the public interest allows the company to benefit from a reduction on French corporate taxes (IS) of 60% of the amounts paid within the annual limit of 0.5% of its turnover before tax, with the possibility of exceeding this limit to carry forward the excess over the next 5 years. A donation of €1000 shall therefore cost only €400 after tax benefit on corporate taxes.

If the company is not taxable in France, it may not benefit from the tax reduction associated with the donation.

  • To benefit from the reduction on the French corporate tax (IS): 60 %
  • Before December 31 of the current year
  • Reduction limited to 0.5% of the turnover
  • Having a humanitarian, educational, scientific, or cultural orientation, or contributing to the development of the artistic heritage... (Art. 228 bis. of the General Tax Code)
  • Donations made in favour of organisations service public interest (non-profit management and operations, not benefiting a small circle of people BOI 4 H-5-06)

For more information on the corporate tax benefits of companies, click here. (in French)

It should be noted that corporate patrons, like individuals, are subject to reporting requirements. For more information on the reporting requirements of companies related to tax reductions on donations, click here.

Which compensations am I entitled to as a patron ?

"Compensations are a benefit to the patron in addition to the tax reduction"

The organisation shall decide which compensations it shall provide, according to their capabilities and the donated amount. It has no obligations but there is a limit in value of 25% of the donated amount to all patrons with a maximum of €69 for individual patrons. Compensations are freely available and remain primarily personal and symbolic. This is the disproportion rule as defined by the patronage law.

It is also makes their uniqueness: organisations devised them for individual and corporate patrons. It could be privileges relating to the the organisation (for example attending a rehearsal), personalized gifts (like an original recording, or a unique photo), reserved access (backstage, patrons entrance, workshops), specific information or meetings (professionals, managers, artists). These compensations are used to thank you and please you, answer your curiosity and recognize your role as a patron.

Companies can also benefit from compensations in communication or public relations (again with the total financial value limited to 25% of the donation). They highlight the values shared by the patron and the beneficiary, and create moments of meetings and discussions.

What projects do we find on Commeon ?

Commeon selects for you artistic, heritage, and philanthropic projects :

  • carried out by professionals eligible under the patronage law (associations serving the public interest, foundations, endowment funds, public institutions, local authorities) ;
  • providing meaning, value, and motivation for many people.

These professional organisations serving the public interest have a clear and common scientific mission dedicated to all audiences. Commeon also moderates according to its own criteria, including among others the development of the project, its program and its goals…


Eligibility criteria to the patronage law :

  • The activity is non-profit and non-competitive
  • The management is non-profit
  • The activity does not benefit a small circle of people

Is it possible to choose several projects ?

Yes. You may contribute to several projects, only you decide, there is no limit. The history of your actions, your receipts, and your compensations remain in your patron space on Commeon. You may make a donation to one project at a time. You may also support all the projects you want by voting, one vote is allowed per project.

Are anonymous donations possible ?

Simple identity information (your name, address...) are requested in accordance with the Terms of Service to confirm your payment and in order for the project owner to send you a tax receipt and compensations. This information is communicated to the organisation you support. Your name is not published on the website of Commeon. In all cases, Commeon complies with the regulations of the CNIL regarding the personal data of the patrons. If you wish, you may choose an avatar in your patron space and make it appear on the page of the project you support.

How to create and customize your Commeon space ?

Your personal space is accessible with a username and password and keeps a history of the projects you supported in the past. You can also set your preferences to stay updated on these projects. It hosts your personal, confidential data, your documents, and your tax receipts.

Your patron space is created automatically when you donate. You can also create your patron space without making a donation.

To create an account or log in, click Login at the top right.

A colored avatar is assigned by default to your patron account and appears on the donor wall to represent you. You may customize your account by uploading a photo or an avatar of your choice, which will identify you on the project page, while respecting confidentiality.

You may also share/give your opinion on the project, leaving a comment that will appear anonymously when placing a mouse over the avatar. These comments are valuable to the project owner and patrons, so please take a few seconds to express your opinion.

Why should I add a project to my favourites ?

When you create a personal space on Commeon, you have the opportunity to be informed of exclusive news from the projects you prefer, once previously identified as « favourites ».

To identify a project as a favourite, visit the project page and click “Add to favourites” in the box to the right of the picture. You may save as many favourite projects as you want.

You can then find your favourite projects in your personal space on Commeon. You will be notified by email in real time of all the news and blog publications of your favourite projects.

Also accessible from the menu are “Discover the projects", "Projects: your favourites” to make sure that you don’t miss anything!

What are the guarantees regarding the use of my donation as a patron ?

Commeon has an intermediary role and puts in direct relation individual patrons and beneficiary organisations: their mutual rights and obligations result from the patronage law designed for the benefit of all. It is a trust contract between the organisation and its patrons. As a patron, you participate in a project that does not yet exist, which is why your support is important. Still, it may happen that the project encounters difficulties; the organisation is committed only to take all reasonable efforts to carry out its project. Patrons commit only to finance a project, and Commeon does not vouch for its success.

The beneficiary organisations of the crowdfunded patronage are directly accountable for their commitments to you, patrons: the implementation of the project, your tax receipt, and your compensations. These organisations know that your generosity is invaluable, they are visible, and their professional reputation has been built over time.

Commeon advises the organisations for the proper performance of their campaign and the successful completion of their commitment to the patrons. Commeon provides tools, tips, and expertise with professionalism, with an obligation of means, for the best possible success of the crowdfunded patronage and all its participants.

How secure is my payment ?

Your online payment on the website of Commeon is secure and managed by LemonWay, an authorized payment institution and partner of BNP Paribas.

Payment by credit card : As with most online payments, in the payment section, you will indicate the type, the number of your credit card, its expiration date, and the security code on the back of your card. The 3D Secure procedure adds a level of security, you shall receive an additional confirmation request from your bank to ensure that you are the owner of the card during the payment process. The authorization of payment shall be sent in real time and you shall be charged the chosen amount on your card. Your bank statement will show “LemonWay” on the line of the transaction.

Payment by cheque or wire transfer : When making your online donation, cheques and transfers are pledges. You still have to confirm them as indicated on screen and in the email your received after your pledge. You will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received by our payment partner.

LemonWay, our payment partner meets the regulatory obligations of the payment service providers. Some additional identity information may be requested to confirm that you have authorized and made an online donation. These provisions are used to secure your account and prevent fraud, and are included in the Terms of Service.

At no time shall Commeon or any other intermediary payment provider know your card number. The Commeon website itself is secured using an SSL certificate (httpS).

Can I cancel or change the amount of my donation ?

No, it is not possible to cancel your donation. It is irrevocable. Once the payment transaction has been made, the donation of a patron on Commeon is final, according to the Terms of Service. Similarly, you cannot transfer your donations from one project to another.

How is the tax receipt sent ? How do I use it ?

You will receive a confirmation upon completion of your donation. The tax receipt, for the tax authorities, will be issued later (usually after the end of the campaign). You will be notified by email if the person in charge of the project you support uses this service provided by Commeon, and by mail if the person in charge of the project you support choses this mode of notification.

The tax receipt can prove your donation to the French administration in order to benefit from the tax reduction provided by law, if you are eligible.

Once notified by mail of the issuance and the availability of the tax receipt for each of your donations, each receipt shall be available in electronic form in your personal space on Commeon, from which you may download and print them without limit (the receipt is archived). The value of an electronic tax receipt is the same as a “paper” tax receipt.

The tax receipt is nominative, which is why each patron is asked to enter his/her name and address. This information is confidential and its processing complies with the CNIL. The tax receipt is established by the beneficiary organisation with a unique number for each receipt, as on an invoice; its layout is in accordance with Cerfa No.11580-03 issued by the administration. The document is issued and signed by the representative of the organisation receiving your donation. Commeon is not the recipient of the donation, so it does not sign or issue tax receipts.

Can a family member use my tax receipt ?

Yes, if the family member is in the same tax household and on the same tax return as yours.

Can I qualify for a tax deduction if I'm not French ?

The tax deduction is linked to your tax residence. It is only valid for tax residents located in France. Nevertheless, payments are possible worldwide.

Do companies receive an invoice when making a donation ?

When you make a donation, you do not receive an invoice, your tax receipt is your only proof of donation. Patronage is different from sponsorship, for which you receive an invoice.

The patronage goes to another account: if the type of donation you made is non-recurring and not directly linked to the normal operation of your company, it shall then be considered an extraordinary charge, filed in field 6713 - Grants, donations.

If the company usually makes such donations in the course of its operation, the load shall be charged as operating expenses in field 6238 - Other (tips, current grants…).

How do I ask for compensations if I haven’t received them ?

You can send an email to the organisation developing the project via its Contact section on the project page. In the absence of response, you can contact Commeon at:, we will do our best to relay your request to the project owner.

Please note: only the project owner can give you compensations. Commeon facilitates contact but is not involved at any time in the projects themselves, nor in the delivery of the compensations.

Are my compensations guaranteed ?

The project owner is committed to providing the proposed compensations after the end of the campaign. However, the contributor should be aware that he is not making an actual purchase and that these compensations are not guaranteed. Crowdfunding includes an element of risk associated with the successful completion of the project. Commeon is not responsible for the actions of project owners who are responsible for the terms that bind them with their patrons through the fundraising campaign by the intermediation of Commeon. The project owners are solely responsible for their campaign and the compensations they propose to their patrons. In case you have not received information from the project owner you support, you can find their contact information on the project page and we recommend that you contact them directly.

Why doesn’t Commeon guarantee the completion of the projects ?

Commeon is the intermediary between the project owner and its patrons. Although a pre-selection is carried out upstream of the publication of projects, Commeon cannot guarantee the completion of the projects. The platform offers them the opportunity to develop all or part of their funding with the implied share of inherent risk.

Am I refunded if the project I supported was not completed ?

No. Commeon does not make any refund, your donation is irrevocable. Transactions are made directly from the patron to the project owner. Any refund is the responsibility of the project owner.

Is registration to Commeon free?

Yes. You do not have to make a donation to create an account on Commeon. In the “Connection” section, you may create your account, enter your information, choose an avatar, and decide whether you want to receive the newsletters of Commeon. We encourage you to take a moment to complete your profile to receive the most relevant information.

Having an account on Commeon also allows you, once connected, to store your favourite projects in order to find them easily and monitor their progress later on.

How does Commeon use my information ? Can I modify it ?

Your personal information is used to make donations, enabling organisations to send you your compensations and tax receipts. We will send you newsletters only if you give us your authorization.

Commeon complies with the regulations of the CNIL regarding the personal data of patrons. According to the law of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, rectify, and delete your information. You can edit or complete your details at any time in the Patron section, accessible with your username and password. You can also get in touch with us in the Contact section.

I lost my password, what should I do?

During your first connection, you will have entered your email address which is your login credential. This email address will help us to reset your password if needed. In the “Connection” section, click on “I forgot my password” to receive a new link in your inbox. If you have any problems, please email us in order to you solve your issue as soon as possible.

I am a victim of identity theft, what should I do ?

Inform Commeon immediately of any loss, misuse, or fraudulent use of your credentials by a third party that allowed access to your account, specifying your name, surname, email and address to the following address: This must be confirmed in writing to the following address: LEMONWAY - 8 rue du Sentier - 75002 PARIS.

How can I promote projects apart from donating money ?

Your support goes beyond simple cash donation. To give a project the best chance to succeed, feel free to share the link of its project page on social media, with your family, friends, office… All opportunities are good!

Why donate to a Money Pot ?

On Commeon, Money Pots are launched rapidly by the Organizations registered on the platform. Secured and certified, they collect money thanks to your donations as a reaction of an incident or an event. Contribute to a Money Pot is achieving your intention in supporting the organizations' actions and your commitment to the common good.

Any additional question ?

Ask us and we will try our best to answer as quickly as possible: Contact

Commeon applies the benefits of crowdfunding to patronage in the fields of arts, heritage, and philanthropy... In compliance with the 2003 patronage law.

What are my obligations if I use Commeon for my projects ?

The obligations under the patronage law are your sole responsibility: issuing a “donation receipt", also called tax receipt, a report on your campaign and preliminary calls for public donations related to public campaigns, declaration to your Prefecture. (as Internet is a public place)

You also have a duty of transparency and respect for the expectations of your patrons. The administrative steps and mutual agreements between you, your patrons, and Commeon are detailed in the Terms of Service. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our experience and our advice in order to put all the chances on your side for a successful crowdfunded patronage campaign.

What are the risks if I use patronage without the right to do so ?

The irregular issuance of documents such as certificates, receipts, statements, invoices, and attestations, granting a taxpayer an income or taxable income deduction, a tax credit or a tax reduction, causes the application of a tax penalty equal to 25% of the amounts mentioned on these documents, or, failing such mention, a fine equal to the amount of the deduction, credit, or unduly obtained tax reduction.

The de jure or de facto managers of the issuing entities of the documents concerned, who were in office at the time of issuance thereof, are jointly liable for the payment of the fine, in case of deliberate misconduct.

It is therefore important for managers to verify that their organisation meets the criteria of public interest before issuing tax receipts.

Are all campaign amounts possible on Commeon ?

The amount must be consistent with your mission, goals, and the potential impact of your communication. Remember that the challenge of achieving your target increases with the requested amount. Crowdfunded patronage implies a lot of work regarding its communication and promotion to your community.

If the latter is not of a significant size, and your visibility on social media is low, you might want to remain realistic about the requested amount. It might be better to set a more reasonable target and then work past it.

It is often advisable to consider crowdfunded fundraising campaigns as a supplement to your usual financial resources, in order to achieve a partly reached target.

What happens if the target of the crowdfunded patronage is not reached, or is exceeded ?

The organisation keeps the donations of its patrons and the project owner is the beneficiary in all cases. This is an important difference with the usual terms of crowdfunding.

As a professional, you agree to complete your project in any case, and take the necessary decisions if the funds raised are significantly lower or higher than the initial target. You will have to communicate on these decisions to your patrons. organisations using crowdfunded patronage should strive to create real, trusting relationships with their patrons.

If the target is partly reached: propose a different implementation timetable, affect other resources to the project through budget reallocations, or reduce the cost of implementation.

If the target is well exceeded: keep benefiting from the mobilization of your contributors to launch additional projects in line with your initial project, helping the overall project of your organisation. You should communicate on the achievements made possible.

We recommend that you anticipate these two cases before the launch of your campaign.

Can a project be cancelled ?

No, a project cannot be cancelled by the project owner once the campaign is published on the website of Commeon.

Fundraising proceeds according to a timetable determined beforehand. Neither the amount nor the duration can be changed during the campaign. These parameters are validated during the project preparation stage.

However, if your project receives no donations 3 days after its initial launch, Commeon will unpublish it: a crowdfunded patronage campaign should be well prepared and requires a strong communication. A project that does not receive any donation in its early stage demonstrates a lack of mobilization that endangers your potential patron relationship, and we do not wish to endorse it.

What types of payments are possible and how they are secured ?

Commeon uses an authorized payment institution, LemonWay, which secures and processes all payments. Each project has a LemonWay account that works like a temporary bank account. At the beginning of the project, when registering on the platform, Commeon askes you to communicate the elements needed to open a payment account (RIB/IBAN, ID card, etc.) as specified in the Terms of Service.

The payment institution, LemonWay, confines the funds to an escrow account (at BNP Paribas). Credit card information of the patrons are neither known nor retained by Commeon or the organisations.

3 types de paiement sont disponibles sur le site :

  • Credit cards: credit card payments are processed with the Mercanet BNP PARIBAS system, using a 3D Secure procedure. After validation of his/her donation, the patron receives an email confirmation of his/her donation, and you receive a copy of it.
  • Cheque or wire transfer: When making an online donation, cheques and wire transfers are pledges. The patron receives an email confirmation (a copy of which is sent to you as well), and still has to confirm it as indicated on screen and in the email received after the pledge. The patron will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received by LemonWay, and you shall receive a copy as well.

LemonWay meets the regulatory obligations of the payment service providers. Some additional identity information may be requested to confirm that you have authorized and made of online donation. These provisions are used to secure your account and prevent fraud, and are included in the Terms of Service.

At no time shall Commeon or any other intermediary than the payment institution know your card number. The Commeon website itself is secured using an SSL certificate (httpS).

Donations are made in Euros. They can be done worldwide.

Who controls and archives the information on the campaign and the patrons ?

Commeon complies with the regulations of the CNIL regarding the personal information of patrons. Any contacts priori to the campaigns are under the direct control of the organisations, which communicates on their behalf to their public and transparently.

Commeon provides its consulting expertise to manage this communication in the best possible way, and relays it on a case by case basis to its communities.

The information relating to patrons who contributed to the project are provided to the organisation in real time in your management section, to allow you to manage your commitments (compensation, tax receipts, communication on the progress of the project). You can extract this data in Excel format.

What other data do I have ?

You have access in your back office to data feeds and the origin of visitors to your page. We recommend you to tag the URLs you provide to your community in order to better identify the impact of your different communication actions.

What is a crowdfunding platform ?

A crowdfunding platform helps in mobilizing financial contributions required for a project in simple and effective way.

Commeon is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to patronage. We adhere to the Association Financement Participatif France, whose Code of Ethics we signed. Commeon applies the principles of good management and transparency.

Commeon is a crowdfunding platform in the “donation for donation” subcategory.

Does the patronage law only apply in France ?

Yes, for now. “The law of 1 August 2003 has allowed France to benefit from one of the most incentive tax frameworks in Europe and has fostered a change of mentality and image regarding patronage.” International comparisons

The European harmonization of patronage-related legislation and trans-European tax deductibility of donations is part of European and national agendas. This is an important on-going project, which should go through the widespread application of national decrees.

How is Commeon compensated ?

Commeon charges its services to organisations in accordance with the Terms of Service, nothing is borne by the patron. Standard fees for using the Commeon platform are defined on the Prestations & Tarifs and the Terms of Service. For support and management services, Commeon charges a fixed fee or a percentage of the funds collected, on a case-by-case basis and according to needs.

100% of the received donations are transferred on your campaign account, Commeon service fees are billed separately. The tax receipt of each patron states the entire amount of his/her donation. Patrons use the service free of charge.