A community which gathers crowdfunding and projects of general interest

Support non-profit projects through different tools: crowdfunding campaigns, annual patroning programs or online voting

Giving made simple


Gather all your actions in one place, digital tax receipts


Transparent and easy budget management


Statistics, follow up and impact monitoring


Customised notifications and confidentiality settings


The first philanthropic wallet


This one-of-a-kind portfolio allows you to consolidate all your gifts in a single place and plan them in a wallet. You are thus able to create a dedicated budget for your philanthropic actions. With Commeon, being a philanthropist becomes accessible to all!

I set up a philanthropic budget for the year

I set up a philanthropic budget for the year

This commitment has concrete results and can be shared easily
A support

of general interest

Commeon helps showcasing and carrying out non-profit projects of general interest.


can get involved

With Commeon, individuals and businesses can support projects they care about and become a patron starting from 10€.

A privileged


Commeon fosters the creation of long lasting links between patrons and project leaders, while making it easier to pass on knowledge.


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