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Your Commeon Wallet

What if you find your projects 100% of general interest in a single space? Know who you've given to, when and how easy it is to give with the Commeon philanthropic wallet


One account
to gather all your donations

All Commeon donors have access to a personal and secure space that gathers their generosity actions.

Espace donateur

All your donations together in the same space, year by year

Give with peace of mind, access essential information: the amount of your donations and the associated tax reductions are highlighted first in your space, next to your philanthropic budget.

Find our which kind of donor you are

As donors, you are helping to build a world that reflects your values. So that you can simply visualize what form your generosity takes, your wallet presents you with simple, clear and personalized statistics on your commitments.

Actus projets

Follow your projects, your associations and... find out more!

Giving is creating relationships: that is why, in your space, you can find the latest news about the projects you have supported. You can also access a fully customized selection of projects, depending on the projects you have already supported. A unique way to discover projects that touch you!

Parcours donateur

Your philanthropic budget: keep some room for what matters to you

Your philanthropic budget allows you to set aside a one-time or monthly amount to make your donations when you want /b>, to projects that you choose .


I set up a philanthropic budget for the year


I allocate a yearly or monthly amount


I support organisations and projects in one click

Donors are at the heart of Commeon approach

Our innovations are designed to facilitate the act of giving for citizens: by placing donors at the centre of our thoughts, we propose a unique approach to contribute to the public interest in a simple and human way through the progress of participative finance.


Each donation is gathered in the donor account, and all administrative information is accessible to him at any time, from any medium.


As we allow everyone, individuals and companies, to support projects by becoming a sponsor from 5€. The actions of some reinforce the impact of others, and the general interest benefits from the leverage effect created by the communities thus mobilized.

A special relationship

We encourage the creation of a lasting link between patrons and project leaders, while facilitating the transmission of knowledge.

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